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Another new book in the library!

Here’s another new book that we have now in the Springer library. Of course, the one in the library doesn’t say “Hubel” on it! This book has some great ideas, and is laid out in a slightly different was from our other origami books. Check it out!




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Phun with Phizz Units!

I just added a new link, down on the right hand side….Thomas Hull’s phizz units. I have had a lot of fun with these over the years, and I would suggest them for anyone looking for a different kind of unit origami. They go together in a completely different way from sonobe (and pinwheel) units, so will provide a different challenge for people looking out for one.

Have phun!

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Hello boys!

Imagine my surprise and pleasure to look up today from the table of first graders to notice a lovely little gaggle of sixth grade boys who had stopped by, and noticed the origami so joined right in! If you are one of them, then HELLO! Glad you checked out the website, and if you are looking for something a little challenging, then please check out the triangle box, and the sonobe ball. You can use the search box for this, down the screen on the right hand side.

I try to add a few things each week, and will add a couple of more challenging projects now that I know you are interested. Please check back again soon, and if you happen to make a sonobe ball, please show me, I would love to see it!


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I-Ching Wheel by Michael LaFosse

Today was fun! We worked on folding an i-ching wheel, which is available in this book, which you can find in the Springer Library.

Here is how to make the unit, and tomorrow I will add the instructions for assembling it.

…..and here is the assenmbly!!


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Here is a lovely little unit project that is nice and simple. I am planning on teaching it today in the library, but just in case we have a huge crowd, I will be sending people here to learn it! So if you were turned away at lunchtime, I am sorry!

Here are the videos: the first one is the unit and the second one is the assembly.


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Visit to Mrs. Smith’s class

Today I was lucky enough to be invited to Mrs. Smith’s 3rd grade class to teach origami! I taught a nice easy witch’s hat to get everyone warmed up, and a simple shirt. Everyone did a great job, and we even managed to fit in the word ISOSCELES! (remember what that is?)

Now I know that people can fold without saying “like this?” (congratulations Room 10!) I might ban that phrase at lunchtime origami in the library too! You have been warned!

Here is the witch’s hat. It is a nice project for beginners.

(Haven’t had chance to make this video yet, check back a little later!)

And here is the simple shirt. Thanks to Mae for another nice demo.

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Pinwheel Unit by Tomoko Fuse

It was a real treat to dive into our brand new box of 6,000 sheets of duo paper today. Yes, that was 6,000 sheets! I got this gorgeous box of paper from Hilltop Gifts in Cupertino, whose owner is always tremendously supportive of our Springer Origami Club. We haven’t folded anything with duo paper yet, so it made a colorful change. If you would like a little review of how to fold the pinwheel unit I put a video on the Projects from 2007-8 page at the top. You can also learn how to put these units together to make a cube. When making a cube make sure you skip the very last step, so you have one less fold. This will make it much easier to put your cube together.

Hope to see some pinwheel cubes around school!

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