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Origami Factoids!

I just added a new link to the list of links on the right hand side of the page: the Origami Resource Center. There is a goldmine of great stuff on here, including some origami factoids. Here are a couple of factoids that caught my eye:

the smallest origami crane:



……and the biggest!


Pretty amazing, eh? Check out this new link for more interesting facts about origami!



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Jumping Frog

Here is the cute little jumping frog we made today at 2nd and 3rd grade origami. Enjoy!

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Origami Spinning Top!

We made a model that has been in the basket on the windowsill in the library for years…..the spinning top. It involved learning how to do a petal fold, which is something I still find tricky, but everyone rose to the challenge! We used duo paper, and the colors came out beautifully. Here are the directions:


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Tomoko Fuse Boxes

We had fun making Tomoko Fuse boxes. I enjoyed being able to challenge even some of my more experienced folders when it came to the lids….not mentioning any names!

I have instructions for the lid done, so thought I would post that right away. It’s been a bit busy with Halloween and a few other other things, but I am trying to caught up now! I am also updating the gallery today, so look there for your models if they were photographed.


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