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Here is a lovely little unit project that is nice and simple. I am planning on teaching it today in the library, but just in case we have a huge crowd, I will be sending people here to learn it! So if you were turned away at lunchtime, I am sorry!

Here are the videos: the first one is the unit and the second one is the assembly.



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Visit to Mrs. Smith’s class

Today I was lucky enough to be invited to Mrs. Smith’s 3rd grade class to teach origami! I taught a nice easy witch’s hat to get everyone warmed up, and a simple shirt. Everyone did a great job, and we even managed to fit in the word ISOSCELES! (remember what that is?)

Now I know that people can fold without saying “like this?” (congratulations Room 10!) I might ban that phrase at lunchtime origami in the library too! You have been warned!

Here is the witch’s hat. It is a nice project for beginners.

(Haven’t had chance to make this video yet, check back a little later!)

And here is the simple shirt. Thanks to Mae for another nice demo.

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Picture Frame (or Pencil Pot!)

Here is the picture frame that Mrs. Yoon taught to the 1st graders on September 18th.


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