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Mette Wreath

This is the wreath we made in all the third grade classes as gifts for the room moms……if any of the room moms are reading this, then I hope you liked your presents! Due to limited time we didn’t really discuss how to assemble these units, so here is a recap for you to try at home. The first video is how to make the unit, the second video shows the assembly. Thanks to Anna for the lovely demonstrations!

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Jumping Frog

Here is the cute little jumping frog we made today at 2nd and 3rd grade origami. Enjoy!

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Here is a lovely little unit project that is nice and simple. I am planning on teaching it today in the library, but just in case we have a huge crowd, I will be sending people here to learn it! So if you were turned away at lunchtime, I am sorry!

Here are the videos: the first one is the unit and the second one is the assembly.


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Visit to Mrs. Smith’s class

Today I was lucky enough to be invited to Mrs. Smith’s 3rd grade class to teach origami! I taught a nice easy witch’s hat to get everyone warmed up, and a simple shirt. Everyone did a great job, and we even managed to fit in the word ISOSCELES! (remember what that is?)

Now I know that people can fold without saying “like this?” (congratulations Room 10!) I might ban that phrase at lunchtime origami in the library too! You have been warned!

Here is the witch’s hat. It is a nice project for beginners.

(Haven’t had chance to make this video yet, check back a little later!)

And here is the simple shirt. Thanks to Mae for another nice demo.

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Star Wreath by Gay Merrill Gross

Here’s a lovely easy wreath (probably the easiest one I have found) by Gay Merrill Gross, which can be found in her great book, Minigami. As you can tall I am a big Gay Merrill Gross fan! She has lots of great projects in her books.

Here is the unit:

….and here is how to assemble it!

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Tarumpty Tum Tum by: Siero Takekawa

Trick your friend with a fun and easy origami project!

(Thanks to Mae for being the guest demonstrator in this video!)


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Paper Pouch

Here is the paper pouch, by Gay Merrill Gross that the 2nd and 3rd graders made on September 18th 2008. Some people got carried away and made five, or even TEN of these!

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