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Dodecahedron Calendar!

Whew! Just in the nick of time I remembered that I had promised a certain third grade class of mine that I would post the link to the origami(ish) dodecahedron that I gave their class today. I did not invent this ( I am nowhere near clever enough!), but have enjoyed making them as gifts for people, and of course, it is always fun to teach other people how to do it, and pass it on….

Here is the link: (copy and paste this into your browser window)

The model was originally designed by Tomoko Fuse, and then was turned into a calendar by Sara Giarrusso and Ramin Razani. A dodecahedron is perfect for a calendar because it has 12 faces: one for each month of the year.

I have made some video directions for how to assemble this model, and will work on putting them on here tonight. It takes a while, so if you are in third grade, please go to bed! You can see them tomorrow!

OK……got the video instructions working. Here’s the first one:

The second:

And the final assembly one. If you are younger than 4th grade, or are a beginner in origami, please remember that this model is a little tricky. If you are having trouble, it is always helpful to have another pair of hands to help you. Good luck!


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Espiral by Tomoko Fuse


Tomoko Fuse’s Espiral

Here is how to make the model that is on our header picture at the moment (at the top of this blog), called the Espiral, by the amazing Tomoko Fuse.  I taught this to the 4-6th graders in the library, and it was a real torture for them to wait until the second week to learn how to put it together!

Thanks to Mae for demonstrating the unit. You will need to make 4 of these to make the final model.

Here is how to put the units together:


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Origami Spinning Top!

We made a model that has been in the basket on the windowsill in the library for years…..the spinning top. It involved learning how to do a petal fold, which is something I still find tricky, but everyone rose to the challenge! We used duo paper, and the colors came out beautifully. Here are the directions:


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Tomoko Fuse Boxes

We had fun making Tomoko Fuse boxes. I enjoyed being able to challenge even some of my more experienced folders when it came to the lids….not mentioning any names!

I have instructions for the lid done, so thought I would post that right away. It’s been a bit busy with Halloween and a few other other things, but I am trying to caught up now! I am also updating the gallery today, so look there for your models if they were photographed.


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I-Ching Wheel by Michael LaFosse

Today was fun! We worked on folding an i-ching wheel, which is available in this book, which you can find in the Springer Library.

Here is how to make the unit, and tomorrow I will add the instructions for assembling it.

…..and here is the assenmbly!!


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Pinwheel Unit by Tomoko Fuse

It was a real treat to dive into our brand new box of 6,000 sheets of duo paper today. Yes, that was 6,000 sheets! I got this gorgeous box of paper from Hilltop Gifts in Cupertino, whose owner is always tremendously supportive of our Springer Origami Club. We haven’t folded anything with duo paper yet, so it made a colorful change. If you would like a little review of how to fold the pinwheel unit I put a video on the Projects from 2007-8 page at the top. You can also learn how to put these units together to make a cube. When making a cube make sure you skip the very last step, so you have one less fold. This will make it much easier to put your cube together.

Hope to see some pinwheel cubes around school!

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Star Wreath by Gay Merrill Gross

Here’s a lovely easy wreath (probably the easiest one I have found) by Gay Merrill Gross, which can be found in her great book, Minigami. As you can tall I am a big Gay Merrill Gross fan! She has lots of great projects in her books.

Here is the unit:

….and here is how to assemble it!

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