Projects from 2007-8

Pinwheel Unit, recommended for 4-6th grades.

Here’s how to make a pinwheel unit, by Tomoko Fuse. This is just the same shape as the sonobe unit, with tabs and pockets, so everything you can do with the sonobe unit, you can also do with this! If you have had fun making the 12 unit sonobe ball in Anna’s demonstration, then you should definitely try it with this. It turns out beautifully!

Pinwheel Tetrahedron by Tomoko Fuse. Recommended for 4-6th grades

Make 3 pinwheel units and you can try one of these nifty tetrahedra!

If you make 6 pinwheel units, then you can make this cube…

Paper Purse by Gay Merrill Gross

Here’s a little project we did towards the beginning of the year in the upper grades, but I think it would not be too hard for 2nd and 3rd graders! This came from a great book called Minigami by Gay Merrill Gross.


One response to “Projects from 2007-8

  1. Ben

    Great tutorial. Thanks. All of your videos are straightforward and easier to understand

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