Where to Buy Origami Paper

I am often asked by students where to buy origami paper, so I am including a list of here of a few local sources.

Springer School Library sells origami paper! Please ask at the desk. Occasionally we run out until I have a chance to replenish supplies!

Hilltop Gifts: 10265 S De Anza Boulevard, Cupertino. (408-252-9883)
Good selection of paper, and the place where I buy supplies to sell at school. I encourage people to shop here since the owner is extremely supportive of our program at Springer.

Daiso Japan. This is next to Trader Joe’s in the San Antonio Shopping Center. The prices are great, and the selection has improved a lot recently.

Morning Glory: (408-243-4020). In Santa Clara on El Camino after you go under Lawrence Expressway, on the left. It is AFTER the Starving Musician, and BEFORE the Jack in the Box. Call first as they often open at 11a.m.

Ichiban Kan (Miyako Mall, 2nd floor, Japantown San Francisco) (415-409-0472)
$1 a pack, most inexpensive paper around. A fun, unusual store.

Paper Tree, 1743 Buchanan Mall, SF, across from the Japanese Peace Plaza (415-728-3527). HUGE collection of origami books, huge selection of paper, from affordable to expensive. The daughters of the owner are origami artists!

Linden Tree (downtown Los Altos)
Small but reasonably priced selection of paper.

If you discover other good places nearby to buy origami paper at a good price, plear let me know and I will add the address to this list!


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  1. Daniel

    Just enjoying your great page. The movies are fantastic!

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